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Welcome to Community School Consulting

Community School Consulting specializes in supporting schools and community-based organizations in fostering collaboration, empowerment, sustainability, and alignment of best practices with school community values. Our goal is to help:

- Increase staff retention

- Build and sustain partnerships with community providers

- Enhance suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention efforts

- Improve social-emotional learning initiatives

By working with us, schools and community-based organizations can strengthen their relationships, enhance their programs, and create a supportive environment that aligns with their values and mission.

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Consulting Services

Professional Training in Seminary Hall
Mental health
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School District Professional Development

Our professional development opportunities are adaptable to meet the unique needs of your school community. Contact us for topics such as

  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Healing Centered Practices
  • Youth and Teen Mental Health
  • Increasing Staff Retention
  • Example of Other Speciality Topics:
    • Supporting Youth with Current or Prior Hospitalization and/or Incarceration

Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention Best Practices

Community Schools Consulting helps prevent youth suicide, which is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24. We reimagine your prevention, intervention, and postvention efforts, focusing on your community's unique needs. Our consultation offers development and training in all phases, tailored to enhance your school community protocols.

Community Mapping and Partnership

We help school communities collaborate with local organizations to build sustainable partnerships that leverage the strengths of each partner and promote joint efforts toward common goals. Examples:

  • Support of establishing and facilitating community coalition and/or network meetings
  • Identification of local resources and building connections
  • Streamlining referral processes

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Lane speaking at Healing Centered Reunification at the 2023 National Symposium on Juvenile Services

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Certified Peer Counselor Panel

Joshua Little, Lane Krumpos, Cole Devlin, Unnamed, Unnamed, Evelyn Clark

Washington State Student Support Conference, Utilizing Wraparound Mental Health Services Training in partnership with Evelyn Clark

Free Resources

Breaking the silence: Suicide prevention e-book

Breaking The Silence: Suicide Prevention E-Book offers your school community an understanding of suicide, effective suicide prevention in schools, strategies, ways to support students at risk, and tips for engaging parents/guardians and the community.



Community School Consultant, Lane Krumpos trains school and juvenile justice partners on healing centered reunification practices for when youth are returning from incarceration back into their school community. Please reach out for additional training on how to use this free resource intentionally.



Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

Our district has had the opportunity to work with Lane Krumpos on several occasions from professional development of staff to overhauling and completely restructuring the suicide protocol and response system which in turn protects our entire community! Lane’s knowledge, expertise, and professionalism go above and beyond what is requested - making the learning experience motivating and meaningful. I would highly recommend Lane Krumpos to any project, training, restructuring, or collaboration where a quality, qualified professional with a myriad of skills and knowledge is needed.

Brenda Waugh-Reimer, LMHC

Eatonville School District Counselor

I would describe working with Lane in two words, Energy and Transformational. Lane's energy and passion are contagious. There is no doubt Lane has a heart of service. It has been transformational for me to see how her passion and knowledge have impacted so many people in the communities we serve, and the colleagues, she works with every day.

Lawrence Davis, Regional School Safety Manager, Puget Sound Educational Service District

Quotation Mark

Through the years, I’ve been the beneficiary of Lane’s thoughtful leadership as she improved our Crisis Response Team and facilitated local mental health partners through consensus-building conversations. Lane always guides our time with wisdom, clarity, passion, and a dash of humor. Lane has my highest respect, and I am deeply grateful for her expert collaboration. She brings the spark necessary to effect powerful, positive results- Lane is that one in a million person. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Laura Allen, Director Whole Child

Tacoma Public Schools

Our district reached out seeking support and guidance in addressing our suicide prevention protocols. Having worked with Lane on professional development in the past we were familiar with her expertise, professionalism, and compassion. We were relieved and energized by her willingness to work with us and to take such a daunting task and make it a collaborative and smooth process.

Additionally, our school community lost a student to suicide during our work together. Lane addressed this with grace, compassion, and flexibility. Allowing us to channel our struggles into action through new policies and procedures. It is difficult to express the relief and confidence that I now feel after having documents and procedures developed with Lane's guidance. I look forward to working with Lane on future projects and endeavors in any capacity as I trust her abilities completely.

Anisa Parks, MSW (She/Her/Hers)

School Social Worker, Eatonville Middle School


Lane Krumpos

Lane Krumpos has roots planted in south Seattle, Washington, and credits her hometown community for molding her into the person she is today. She is deeply grateful for her life experiences, which have taught her the importance of centering the whole person and community by acknowledging their strengths and areas for growth.

Lane has witnessed firsthand the intersection of mental health, juvenile justice, and education and understands the transformative impact that can occur when these systems operate collaboratively, inclusively, equitably, and remain trauma-informed. She is passionate about leading with these values, supporting community partners in transformative ways of being, and amplifying youth voices to promote leadership.

Throughout her career, Lane has worked in various roles, including the juvenile prison system, policy reform, education, peer counseling, and crisis response mental health. She has created training programs to support schools and community organizations with healing-centered practices, staff wellness and resilience, suicide prevention, suicide intervention, crisis postvention response, and restorative justice practices. Additionally, she has led support groups using mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practices.

In all her endeavors, Lane works to honor her whole self and encourages others to do the same. As a Community Schools Consultant, she strives to create a space where all partners and stakeholders feel honored and valued as their whole selves.

Community School Consultant

Master of Public Administration

Breathe For Change 200 Graduate

Certified Peer Counselor

Certified Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention Training

Yoga Behind Bars Graduate

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